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1. Project Brief:

Airlift Technologies – Digital Transformation of 85+ warehouses’ facilities by implementing analytics for $15 million annual infrastructure and maintenance budget.

As Airlift scaled up its warehouse deployments, their facilities and maintenance services, human resource to manage the increased number of warehouses, the conventional reporting mechanism, the key performance indicators, and the analytics to fuel the management intelligence fell behind, leading to significant issues in getting the needed visibility and driving accountability across relevant hierarchy.
To sort these challenges and that too while they continued to scale at supersonic speed, Mobinity Global LLC was hired.

§ Understanding the problem at hand and segmenting it into smaller isolatable components.
§ Understanding the KPI’s that were being used to gauge the impact of the problem.
§ Devising a scale-able solution that could handle current and future scale of the organization
§ Implementing the solution as per defined objectives.
§ Evaluating the quality of the solution according to scope of work and concluding the project.

§ De-segmenting the type of KPI’s needed for each sub-division of each warehouse such as security, internet, electricity, maintenance, housekeeping, CCTV etc.
§ Developing the KPI’s required to drive accountability across relevant individuals and managers
§ Developing and implementing the data collection and visualization framework on warehouse level, city level, regional level, country level.

We had to transform the data input framework as the data came from multiple data sources such as android app (for complaints), standard google sheets with human input and whatsapp.
§ Initially the data sourcing framework was redesigned with defined input mechanisms for the sub-divisions.
§ This upgrade ensured that we have lesser sources of data in a rather more standardized and structured format.
§ ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process was implemented on this data, leading to more than 30 google sheets with live data streams.
§ A few integrations were used to consolidate the data into Power BI compatible input sources.
§ All the Transformed data was loaded into Power BI
§ The Analytics, KPI’s and the required visualizations were developed using Power BI.

The facilities function of Airlift was digitally transformed with a scale-able solution, driving accountability and optimization across both bird’s eye and granular levels.
As a result, the leadership was able to clearly see the expense analytics for $15 million annual budget, focus on optimization instead of reporting hassle, and drive growth for the hyper-scale startup.

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METRO Cash & Carry (PK)

        Task & Result:

  • Analyzed USD 10 million departmental budget data using excel.
  • dentified savings potential of 11 million PKR per month nationally, projected to increase annual
    profitability by 132 million PKR.
  • Gathered, cleansed and restructured the data to make it dynamic over time and categories e.g. bill
  • Developed graphical charts for brief insights about the energy consumption trends across 09 stores
    in the country.
  • Designed normalized KPIs such as Sales per KWH and Cost as %age of Sales so that performance
    across stores can be compared for better staff accountability.
  • Other KPIs were YOY consumption growth, %age of each utility in total bill, Total Bill Costs etc


Brauli Neira (US)


  • Chart – Display Total By Site (Mcallen, Florida, Arizona)
  • Chart – Display Total count of activities ^above^ taken each day. By Site and By Agent
  • Chart – Display Total count of Breaks & Lunches taken each day. By Site and By Supervisor
  • Chart – Total sum of exceeded break and lunch time. By Site, Supervisor & Agent.
  • Chart – AGENT NAMES who have exceeded their daily Breaks & Lunch allowed time.


Initially the data had to be restructured in a pattern on which pivot tables could be applied. The data
involved more than 85,000 rows and multiple columns. Graphs were plotted as follows using the data
in the main sheet


Kellen (US)


Google sheets based management solution for sales accountability. Key metrics involved No. of Emails,
Follow-ups, NCAs and JO Calls etc. The sheet was suitable for 10 employees, collected their data from
individual sheets for each employee and displayed on the main dashboard sheet collectively. For
displaying here, demo data has been filled here. (Project link can be provided upon request).


Sabro Air Conditioning (PK)

        Task & Result:

To compile and display 3 years sales data. Sales Strategy was also to be recommended based on the
data. Based on the data, it was found out that 80% of the projects had a value less than 8 million PKR
and they contributed only about 55% to the revenue. So Company was selling low value projects in
relatively higher volume. In three years, there was only one project of value 22 million PKR which
contributed 10% to the total revenue. So B2B sales of high value projects was needed as company had
the resources, the team and setup needed to achieve that. Recommended a new B2B focused strategy
due to consumer segment domination from Chinese Brands. Also recommended to invest into
production to reduce project delivery delays and retain customers of customized equipment as that
was the strength of the company


Neville Bailey (HK)


VBA MACRO based automatic amortization table for Bailey Four Property.


  • Took data through user form.
  • Automatically Generated a new sheet with detailed mortgage analysis with more than 1600 rows
    and about 30 columns.
  • Formatted the sheet i.e. color, sizing, protecting the non-editable columns etc.


Elliot - Lawyer (US)


       To develop a dashboard for key metrics for elliot.org site traffic.


         Data is being fetched from 56 google sheets into 5 main sheets                 and then to 01 master dashboard in real
           time. (56 sheets are hidden for convenience therefore no visible               in the screenshot below). The 56 sheets
           import the data directly from Google Analytics account which is               linked to the website.


Brad Griffith (US

Task & Result:

The data was about wealth management clients and had to be displayed month wise for clarified



David Smith (US

Task & Result:
David wanted to construct an online selling shop for free. I gave the consultancy and basic
recommendations to sell online by significantly improving the site visuals. This involved comparison
with already successful e-commerce sites and a project management plan for implementing my
Involved about 40 hours of project management in total that involved multiple tasks such as changing
site outlook, changing product visuals, changing formatting etc, doing demo publicity on social media
and analyzing the results for further improvement.


1. Cozmuler Engineering Elevators Department Establishment:
As the sales Engineer, we was given the task to establish the elevators department with clear strategy,
SOPs and sales forecasting.
Initially we conducted market surveys to understand the business model of the market and how clients
expect contractors to respond and choose amongst competition. Then we planned to get authorization
from recognized international brand to create a local brand of our own and came up with a visit based
sales strategy. Implemented the strategy in Jan’ 15 and achieved sales of about 0.5 million USD within
6 months.
2. Cozmuler Engineering Sales Team Development:
we was given the task of executing the sales strategy initially myself, learn the main sales triggers, finalize
certain projects and then develop a sales team to expand our sales activities across more sectors in the
city. We visited more than 11 real estate sectors in Islamabad, analyzed the market dynamics, generated
about 500,000 USD in sales and then developed a sales team of 3 more people under my supervision.
So in regard to business analysis, the project involved all key aspects of sales and employee coaching &
training. The employees we trained generated about 1 million USD in sales through elevators, HVAC and
MEP contracts in the next 12 months.
3. Mezan Engineers Sales Strategy:
The business model of the HVAC consultancy business was understood and the key stake holders were
taken into consideration to develop the strategy for the company. Some aspects of the analysis were
as follows:
▪ What is the history of the company?
▪ What is the core business that brings in money?
▪ Who are key experts that lead the projects?
▪ Who are the key support staff?
▪ What are your target customers?
▪ How do you appeal to customers?
▪ How do you convert customers into sales?
▪ How can the sales be increased?
▪ How to implement?
As a result, the company started to operate into elevators’ consultancy as well due to un-utilized inhouse expertise and close linkage of elevator and HVAC contracts in construction projects. Two projects
were successfully taken within the next 3 months of sales strategy execution.
4. Business Data Management System for Lavista:
Analyzed the requirements, pros and cons for integrating the database with sales data consisting of
product categories, dates, IDs etc. with excel for real time business intelligence functionality.
The tasks included SQL server compatibility with excel, CSV format regional sales data, Power Query
functions for data cleansing, linking relevant columns through data models, creating meaningful KPIs
and finally displaying the data through Power Pivot in Excel. Further compatibility with Power BI was
also analyzed for more convenient reporting.